Creating Tables and adding media into them

This is the code for creating a table

<table border=”1″>
<td>row 1, cell 1</td>
<td>row 1, cell 2</td>
<td>row 2, cell 1</td>
<td>row 2, cell 2</td>

To add a picture or any media into a column you must select the one you want, and go to the library and add a picture.  The trick is to get all the pictures in the same size, so you have to scale and crop the pictures (note to self:  landscape is better)

To add a video from youtube you have to take the embed code from a slecetd video and insert it into the html, but adjust the height and width to what you want to match the picture sizes.  Basiclly the idea is to replace one of the pictures, sp to get the size right is important, also, whatever you take off the height you must take off the width of the video otherwise the video will be distorted.


Notes On Feature

Feature Title:  How Technology changed News!

400 to 500 words.  Use Module Reader, back up points with examples from the reader.  Hyperlink all examples, keywords, picture, correct creditation (quotes), layed out nicely.

As a working journalist, how has technology helped news, or made it more difficult, immediacy, report quickly, global and local has now merged, different mediums (audio, video, tweets, blogs, forums).

As a consumer, how has it changed for them, how our diet of news has changed from how it used to be in the past.

Examples from reader: Actual news examples:

Voting Campaign for Obama:  Technology Helped:  Tweeting, Facebook, much wider audience… Negative:  Twitter and facebook are so huge that anyone can say anything and some times can get away with offence.

9/11:  Technology helped:  Phone videos helped tell the TRUE story, citizen footage used…  Negative:  Not sure which videos were correct, confusing story because of this, not creditable

7/7 London Bombing: Technology helped:  Mobile phone reports, phone videos, persuasive evidence…  Negative:  Videos might not be creditable

Basic HTML

This is a heading

This is a heading

This is a heading

1.  Coding h1 h2 h3 with / in the final brackets to finish

This is a paragraph

A limited amount of Alter Bridge – Live at Wembley Fan Packs are now available through the EMI store. Pre-order now as these are first come, first served until they last. Only 250 of each are available with autographs.

Here is the link to order yours now…

2. use <p> for paragraph.

This is a link

3. Open brackets with href and = with the text you want to see for the link in brackets too

To Make Text Bold
To Make Text Italic

4. <i> for italics

5. <b> for BOLD

a new font

A colour.

This is a background colour for text

This is aanother in blue.

Light Green Colour

6. Above are examples of changing fonts, font colours and background colours of the text.  There is a lot more construction in doing this rather than changing size of text.

  • ALSO <a href=”mailto;”>Contact Forever On Edge band</a> this is for an email contacting link

Contact Forever On Edge band

Dealing with Pics

Dan recording guitar!

Dan mixing!

Dan (recording guitar)

Dan recording lead guitar!


  • Once image is in the library, you can insert it into post (NOT TIFFS)
  • but before this you can edit the pisture, give it a title, alt text (a bit more desrciption)
  • then if you like a description
  • you can scale the image but always make it smaller not bigger (left and right the same)
  • also cropping the image is useful if needed
  • you can choose a hyperlink to any website
  • adding a border of thickness by typing in a number into the box
  • embedding a video you can go to youtube, go to share and embed, from youtube you can choose a size, or, on wordpress you can change the size in the html tab!

Twitter: The Uses

These notes are from Alan Rusbridger:  why twitter matters for media organistations: (Friday 19th nov 2010, 10.41 GMT)

  • It’s an amazing form of distribution

Far reaching, instant, very effective way of spreading ideas and motives

  • It’s where things happen first

News happens first on Twitter very often, people are monitoring stories they are interested in so its a great way of sourcing breaking news

  • As a search engine, it rivals google

Twitter is an excellent way to search about what is going on

  • It’s a formidable aggregation tool

Your personalised news feed, sit back and let others search for you so you can find it personally

  • It’s a great reporting tool

Best reporters use Twitter, reporters use for witnesses, right time right place

  • It’s a fantastic form of marketing

You alert your followers, post on your feed your produced work, then they post and the word spreads fast!

  • It’s a series of common conversations.  Or it can be

Instant reaction to stories or work, ability to share and discuss fast

  • It’s more diverse

Traditional media allowed a few voices in, Twitter allows more

  • It changes the tone of writing

More mixing of comment and fact, it makes opinions matter

  • It’s a level playing field

Doesn’t matter about your social status, if it is newsworthy or entertaining you can get more followers, it is a level playing field

  • It has different news values

It offers up news that isn’t followed in coroporal agender, we decide what’s important

  • It has a long attention span

Twitterwers put news papers to shame, stories run forever here and you can follow converstaions about it

  • It creates communities

They form around events going on in the world, or something you have created

  • It changes notions of authority

You can follow the ones who you think are experts

  • It is an agent of change

Challenges conventional politics, in fact it challenged everything because of how many people can express their opinions and the tools



Notes on my photo story

  • What kind of pics?  Music, performing live and production in studio, photos of my own documentary making
  • What the narrative will be about? Describing pictures and a bit about myself and what I do
  • What is the approach? Pictures taken while performing or producing
  • Where are the pictures from? My own taken photos from my work of music performance and documentary making
  • Why? I want the photos to be of my own so it describes me better and shows my interets properly

Instructions to Uploading and hyperlinking a picture:

01.  Go to Upload and insert

02.  Choose your image from Media Library, Site URL, or my Computer

03.  Upload the picture, choose a title, then inster alt text, change alignment, select size and upload the picture into blog

04.  Once it is in your post, select the Hyperlink button, find a url for the picture and save it

05.  Then Publish the post