Notes On Feature

Feature Title:  How Technology changed News!

400 to 500 words.  Use Module Reader, back up points with examples from the reader.  Hyperlink all examples, keywords, picture, correct creditation (quotes), layed out nicely.

As a working journalist, how has technology helped news, or made it more difficult, immediacy, report quickly, global and local has now merged, different mediums (audio, video, tweets, blogs, forums).

As a consumer, how has it changed for them, how our diet of news has changed from how it used to be in the past.

Examples from reader: Actual news examples:

Voting Campaign for Obama:  Technology Helped:  Tweeting, Facebook, much wider audience… Negative:  Twitter and facebook are so huge that anyone can say anything and some times can get away with offence.

9/11:  Technology helped:  Phone videos helped tell the TRUE story, citizen footage used…  Negative:  Not sure which videos were correct, confusing story because of this, not creditable

7/7 London Bombing: Technology helped:  Mobile phone reports, phone videos, persuasive evidence…  Negative:  Videos might not be creditable


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