Basic HTML

This is a heading

This is a heading

This is a heading

1.  Coding h1 h2 h3 with / in the final brackets to finish

This is a paragraph

A limited amount of Alter Bridge – Live at Wembley Fan Packs are now available through the EMI store. Pre-order now as these are first come, first served until they last. Only 250 of each are available with autographs.

Here is the link to order yours now…

2. use <p> for paragraph.

This is a link

3. Open brackets with href and = with the text you want to see for the link in brackets too

To Make Text Bold
To Make Text Italic

4. <i> for italics

5. <b> for BOLD

a new font

A colour.

This is a background colour for text

This is aanother in blue.

Light Green Colour

6. Above are examples of changing fonts, font colours and background colours of the text.  There is a lot more construction in doing this rather than changing size of text.

  • ALSO <a href=”mailto;”>Contact Forever On Edge band</a> this is for an email contacting link

Contact Forever On Edge band


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