Dealing with Pics

Dan recording guitar!

Dan mixing!

Dan (recording guitar)

Dan recording lead guitar!


  • Once image is in the library, you can insert it into post (NOT TIFFS)
  • but before this you can edit the pisture, give it a title, alt text (a bit more desrciption)
  • then if you like a description
  • you can scale the image but always make it smaller not bigger (left and right the same)
  • also cropping the image is useful if needed
  • you can choose a hyperlink to any website
  • adding a border of thickness by typing in a number into the box
  • embedding a video you can go to youtube, go to share and embed, from youtube you can choose a size, or, on wordpress you can change the size in the html tab!

2 responses to “Dealing with Pics

  1. Careful with the sizes of pics you use – the big one is too big – needs scaling down. Likewise your video – you can change the size of the player in the html.

  2. Can you see how the big pic is busting the template – the right side of the pic has disappeared – no frame … this is because the pixels of the picture are way beyond the pixels available in the space

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