Twitter: The Uses

These notes are from Alan Rusbridger:  why twitter matters for media organistations: (Friday 19th nov 2010, 10.41 GMT)

  • It’s an amazing form of distribution

Far reaching, instant, very effective way of spreading ideas and motives

  • It’s where things happen first

News happens first on Twitter very often, people are monitoring stories they are interested in so its a great way of sourcing breaking news

  • As a search engine, it rivals google

Twitter is an excellent way to search about what is going on

  • It’s a formidable aggregation tool

Your personalised news feed, sit back and let others search for you so you can find it personally

  • It’s a great reporting tool

Best reporters use Twitter, reporters use for witnesses, right time right place

  • It’s a fantastic form of marketing

You alert your followers, post on your feed your produced work, then they post and the word spreads fast!

  • It’s a series of common conversations.  Or it can be

Instant reaction to stories or work, ability to share and discuss fast

  • It’s more diverse

Traditional media allowed a few voices in, Twitter allows more

  • It changes the tone of writing

More mixing of comment and fact, it makes opinions matter

  • It’s a level playing field

Doesn’t matter about your social status, if it is newsworthy or entertaining you can get more followers, it is a level playing field

  • It has different news values

It offers up news that isn’t followed in coroporal agender, we decide what’s important

  • It has a long attention span

Twitterwers put news papers to shame, stories run forever here and you can follow converstaions about it

  • It creates communities

They form around events going on in the world, or something you have created

  • It changes notions of authority

You can follow the ones who you think are experts

  • It is an agent of change

Challenges conventional politics, in fact it challenged everything because of how many people can express their opinions and the tools




Notes on my photo story

  • What kind of pics?  Music, performing live and production in studio, photos of my own documentary making
  • What the narrative will be about? Describing pictures and a bit about myself and what I do
  • What is the approach? Pictures taken while performing or producing
  • Where are the pictures from? My own taken photos from my work of music performance and documentary making
  • Why? I want the photos to be of my own so it describes me better and shows my interets properly

Instructions to Uploading and hyperlinking a picture:

01.  Go to Upload and insert

02.  Choose your image from Media Library, Site URL, or my Computer

03.  Upload the picture, choose a title, then inster alt text, change alignment, select size and upload the picture into blog

04.  Once it is in your post, select the Hyperlink button, find a url for the picture and save it

05.  Then Publish the post